NCLF Statement on Ukraine

The National Church Leaders Forum (NCLF) is shocked and saddened by the conflict in Ukraine which has resulted in the loss of human lives, caused millions of people to flee their homes, inflicted damage leading to the destruction of schools, health facilities, and impeded channels that supply food and water, amongst many other issues.   All these things pose huge humanitarian challenges in the Ukraine and bordering nations.

The NCLF joins with well-meaning and concerned people in all spheres of human endeavour tomake the following appeals:

1. A ceasefire should be agreed immediately between all concerned parties with unequivocal commitment to protect civilians and key services. We call on all parties to adhere to international humanitarian laws.

2. The Government of the United Kingdom should stand ready to support humanitarian efforts, including welcoming vulnerable people fleeing the conflict.

3. All abuse of refugees, racism and xenophobia should stop forthwith. This is in the light of concerns which have been raised about racism and xenophobia as well as abuses of African and Asian students being physically prevented from entering border countries.

4. International humanitarian efforts should continue to respond generously in Ukraine but also to the substantial needs in other parts of the world such as in Afghanistan and the Horn of Africa where high levels of humanitarian suffering continue to prevail. 

5. NCLF strongly encourages the Christian community and all good-spirited individuals and organisations to give generously through accredited agencies to the needs of Ukrainians and other war-torn areas of the world.

6. The Church should continue to pray for (i) the people and the Church in both Ukraine and Russia, (ii) good governance, and (iii) for peace in nations of the world

The NCLF has made these appeals because we believe that central to the Christian Gospel is a love for self and our neighbours, as well as a call to work for peace and prosperity of all humanity who are created in the image of God.


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