Christian Comedienne To Re-Launch Walking Groups That Promotes Mental Wellbeing And Fitness

Multi-award-winning writer, director, and comedienne Angie Le Mar is getting ready to re-start, bigger and better, We Walk Wednesdays(WWW), an initiative she started in Hilly Field, Lewisham, in March 2021.

A regular dog walker, Angie has recognised the benefit of walking for a long time. Whilst out, walking in a socially distanced manner with fellow comedian, Glazz Campbell in 2021, Angie noted that there were people who, with a little encouragement could benefit from walking.

She knew that the pandemic had led to a rise in depression and poor mental health due to:

(i) people being cooped up in their homes, some feeling isolated
(ii) the constant news of people dying from COVID.
(iii) media reports that black people were suffering adversely from COVID-19 due to lack of fitness and underlying health conditions.

In order to redress the issue of poor mental health Angie and help people get fit Angie was inspired to host the first WWW in Hilly Fields, Lewisham.

Trained in Laughter Therapy/ Yogo, Angie decided this could be a part of the warm-up, followed by a brisk walk, and a collective formation dance to Cameo’s hit song Candy. Social media was used to promote the event and in March 2021 20 people turned up for the first WWW event and proved to be a hit.

Angie shared, “When I launched WWW in Lewisham I just wanted to bring people together to walk, improve their fitness, meet new and have fun. I did not expect it to become the success it has, neither did I expect to get invited to start WWW in other parks but that’s what happened and when the walks stopped for winter in October last year, WWW took place in four London Parks and Sheffield.”

Since its launch up to 250+ women joined the hour-long sessions in the various parks. WWW also attracted some leading women including Diane Abbott MP, Brenda Emmanus, ITV news presenter Charlene White, and former BBC presenter Juliet Alexander.

WWW 2022 is set to restart on March 23rd.

It will take place in 10 parks, (8 in London, 1 in Birmingham, and 1 in Sheffield) and Angie has other WWW initiatives planned. She explained, “This time, while we have so many people feeling great about themselves, we are introducing more events, from Hiking, Golf, and as talking is mentioned as one the things walkers love about WWW, we will be launching WeTalk TV, gathering voices, and opinions of our walkers, which will be available on social media from May 2022.”

Angie added, “What is clear to me, is people want to belong, they want to exercise and laugh, dance and meet new friends, WWW gives you that every week for hour and that’s a good thing”

Written By; Marcia Dixon

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