£1 Million For Ukraine

£1m of Benefact Trust funding has been allocated to give immediate and longer-term support to people fleeing the devastating conflict in Ukraine. Grants totalling £250,000 are already being distributed through five charity partners on the ground, who will be able to make a positive impact faster – and get help to where it’s needed most.

The Ukrainian people are facing a growing humanitarian crisis and urgently need our help. Homes, schools, and hospitals have been destroyed and communities torn apart. As the devastation continues, families have been forced to abandon their homes in life-threatening conditions, leaving behind everything they own.

By awarding £250,000 in grants to charity partners who are operating right now in Ukraine and other Eastern European countries, the Trust is responding to the urgent needs of individuals, families, and children, some of whom have been separated from their loved ones amidst the chaos of the conflict. The very least they need is food, water, shelter, and warm clothing.  

The Board of Trustees has agreed an immediate award of £50,000 each to:

  • Depaul International works primarily in Kharkiv, Odessa, Kyiv and Zalucha but is offering emergency shelter, medical care and food to refugees fleeing their homes or those under siege in the cities.
  • World Vision which is supporting refugees and displaced people in Ukraine and Romania; providing food, water, hygiene kits and safe spaces for children to play, receive psychological First Aid, continue to learn and re-gain some normalcy in their lives.
  • Tearfund is following its call to ‘go where the need is greatest around the world’ – supporting partners to provide food, bedding and temporary accommodation to refugees.
  • All We Can is partnering with the Global Relationships Team of the Methodist Church in Britain; ensuring critical humanitarian assistance is there for those who need it.
  • British Red Cross – Red Cross teams are providing extensive assistance, from providing food to First Aid training, taking people to hospital, transporting medical supplies and helping at blood donation points.

These charities are all experts in humanitarian aid and each specialises in different areas of disaster response. British Red Cross, World Vision, and Tearfund are among the 15 members of The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC).

The UN now estimates nearly 2.8 million people have already fled Ukraine, but the DEC estimates 18 million will eventually be affected by the escalating conflict. Four million people are expected to be displaced as the fighting continues. The additional £750,000 that Benefact Trust has earmarked will continue to support the most vulnerable in Ukraine by working closely with our charity partners on the ground and supporting refugees arriving in the UK.

Lesley King-Lewis, Trust Director for Benefact Trust, said:

“There is a growing humanitarian crisis happening in Ukraine, with many innocent people experiencing unimaginable loss and suffering. We felt a sense of duty to step up and empower the organisations already on the ground – doing everything possible to help the most vulnerable during this devastating conflict.”

Mark McGreevy, Depaul Group CEO, said:

“Depaul International would like to thank Benefact Trust for this incredibly generous gift towards our humanitarian work in Ukraine. Your generosity will help us to continue our work inside Ukraine to support the most marginalised and expand it to providing humanitarian aid – food, medicine, and other goods – to support thousands of refugees fleeing their homes as well as those under siege in the cities.”

Benefact Trust is the proud owner of Benefact Group, which is an independent, specialist financial services group that exists to give all its available profits to charity.

Written By: Sue Jenkins

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