Have A Message Of Hope For Ukraine? Leave A Letter On Preply Platform

The Messages to Ukraine’ project currently includes over 5000 messages from the Preply community, spanning across 115 countries in 84 languages. These are visualized on an interactive map which also shows translation into Ukrainian to express a message of hope and solidarity to the displaced people of Ukraine.

In Preply’s commitment to effective language learning, they are uniquely positioned to communicate messages of hope, peace, and solidarity from the global community to the people of Ukraine. This project is linked to their purpose which is bringing people from different cultures and nations together through language, which is at the heart of Preply.

Their mission is to have the world share messages of support with the Ukrainian community. They have started by sharing this initiative with employees, tutors, and on social media platforms. 

These messages will be shared on digital billboards across surrounding countries that have taken the people in with open arms. Currently in talks with Poland, Slovakia, and Hungary.

Kirill Bigai, CEO at Preply, says: 

“It was 2012 when myself, Dmytro, and Serge – being in Boston, the US at the time – decided to launch Preply. It grew into a truly global business with a wider community of tutors and learners in 150 countries with 430 staff across Barcelona, the U.S., and, of course – Kyiv, Ukraine.

I have witnessed two Ukrainian revolutions in my life – and the core of Ukrainian spirit was central to both; Ukrainians stand for freedom and it is this principle that Ukrainians are defending now. I’m calling on everybody reading this, who shares this value, who feels sadness and madness at the horrific impact on human life, to support Ukraine in any possible way. 

Whether that’s helping a Ukrainian colleague, urging your own company or government to act, donating to a well-researched charity or NGO, or simply adding the UA flag to your avatar. Today, every Ukrainian is defending freedom – for themselves and the world. Please join Ukraine in this effort. Do all you can and act now.”

Preply endorses the following causes:

To view “Letters to Ukraine” visit: Messages to Ukraine (preply.com)

Written By: Amy Pritchett

2 thoughts on “Have A Message Of Hope For Ukraine? Leave A Letter On Preply Platform

  • 5th October 2022 at 4:10 am

    Hi my name is Larry and my wife theresa I cry every day for the people. Of ukreine Me and my wife are Jewish I don’t know what war is but both my mom and dad live the Second World War and i never got to meet my grand father he was taken on a train to the consatrasion camp and only one person was alive my mom lived this every day until she past a way there is never a winner or loser as much as no one wants to sit down with Russia but if it can stay independent and not be in any side this mit help and tell president Putin to stop the war till everyone sits down and talks only this would maybe help but you must stress your independent’s I pray for your peace it can be achieved with talk not bombs ???????????✝️ Larry

  • 28th November 2023 at 6:51 am

    How is Preply leveraging its position in language education to communicate messages of hope, peace, and solidarity to the people of Ukraine, and how does this initiative align with the company’s core purpose?


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