UK Voluntary Sector’s First Report on Lived Experiences of Staff at Black-led Impact Organisations

Do it Now Now’s Centre Black Releases the UK Voluntary Sector’s First Report on Lived Experiences of Staff at Black-led impact Organisations

Centre Black is a ground-breaking research centre committed to the production of high-quality research and advocacy that centres on the experiences of Black people across the UK. Hosted by social-impact organisation, Do it Now Now, Centre Black applies academic rigour to subjects of concern within the Black community, while empowering leaders within the community to contribute to the research and outputs of the centre. In 2022 the research centre conducted a study that explores the lived experience of management and staff at Black-led impact organisations within the UK’s voluntary sector. It is clear that Black-led impact organisations operate in an environment of structural inequalities but without this report, many of these inequalities are still under-reported and undermined.

The report found that Black-led impact organisations with a majority of Black* staff and management have personal experience of the challenges and issues they are looking to resolve in their local communities. The lived experiences of Black staff and management helps establish trust and better support their local communities which is reflected in the key outcomes of these organisations. However, the report also found that Black-led impact organisations have largely negative experiences with funders with little or no consideration given to their experiences or insights. Many of the Black-led organisations featured in the report believe that the involvement process is tokenistic with funders placing little value on lived experience.

This report outlines the growing disconnect between mainstream funders, local authorities and local service providers. It stands to highlight the important role intermediary funders like Common Call play as connectors between leaders with lived experience and mainstream funders. When this work is done well, impact at the grassroots level is assured.

Bayo Adelaja, Do it Now Now CEO

The report makes eight key recommendations to funders and the wider voluntary sector community which includes placing more value on the lived experience of impact organisations and encouraging Black-led impact organisations to build stronger relationships with local MPs and councillors. This is a ground-breaking report which aims to make a tangible difference within the voluntary sector space in the UK.

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Written by: Ella Desewu

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