Benefact Trust Launches New Mental Health Grants Programme

A new grants programme to support those responding to the mental health crisis

Benefact Trust launches a new grants programme for 2022. ‘Brighter Lives’ is focused on helping Christian organisations to respond to the long-term impact of Covid-19 on people’s mental health, whatever their faith, or none. The grants awarded will help enable the provision of greater mental health training, resources and support.

The effects of the pandemic have had a huge impact on people’s mental health. What was already a big problem across our communities has become even more concerning, with support services stretched like never before.

In this post-pandemic landscape, Benefact Trust has an ongoing commitment to address some of our most difficult and problematic social issues. This has led the Trust to create its latest thematic grants programme.

The Brighter Lives programme covers three main project areas:

  • Supporting existing or emerging specialist services provided by churches and Christian charities for people struggling with mental health issues. Focus is on the most vulnerable who may find it difficult to access support elsewhere. For example, counselling or similar therapeutic services, which could be delivered in-person, online or by phone.
  • Enabling Christian organisations to train, equip and resource churches and Christian charities to provide:

– Enhanced mental health awareness and/or mental health first aid.

– Appropriate mental health and wellbeing support groups and services.

  • Programmes to support the personal mental health and wellbeing of clergy and other church leaders/workers who may be suffering, particularly post-pandemic.

Applications for funding can be made through the Benefact Trust website. There is also guidance on how to make an application. Visit:

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