The Unseen Veil Book Launch

Jasmine Beverley, a 26-year-old, Maths teacher, author, and Christian from Croydon has had a whirlwind of a lockdown which changed the course of her whole life.

At the young age of 24, Jasmine was encouraged, mainly by the church, to marry a man 10 years her senior after a short period of dating. Over lockdown, she found herself married, pregnant and a new mother suffering alone in an emotionally abusive marriage, ostracised, abandoned, and rejected by the church she’d given so much to. No one to turn to.

After suffering a mental breakdown and receiving the support she needed to leave this abusive marriage, Jasmine began her own healing path and wrote a book called, ‘The Unseen Veil’ to empower women in similar situations.

‘The Unseen Veil’ is a true account of her journey of which she refers to as ‘a chapter of my life, not the whole story’, of escaping an emotionally abusive marriage, reclaiming her power, and finding freedom.

When Jasmine, entered into a rushed marriage, she believed was God’s will for her life, but she quickly realised how dramatically it impacted her mental health, causing her a torrent of emotional turmoil she could have never imagined.

Having thought this was the relationship she had always dreamed of, Jasmine prepared for marriage in a matter of months, believing it was the start of a new chapter. However, lockdown restrictions were the least of her worries as her husband-to-be begins to display red flags before tying the knot.

Pressing ahead with the marriage, Jasmine found herself locked into a whirlwind of emotional abuse, mind games, and loneliness whilst pregnant. With next to no support and facing stigma from the church, she was forced to step down from her role as a church leader and face the abuse alone.

‘The Unseen Veil’ takes you on a journey from struggle to freedom as Jasmine finds her power to break away from all that makes her feel defined, labelled, and silenced.

“In The Unseen Veil, I address covert emotional abuse the abuse that is unseen, no one knows what is going on. No one can see, the abuse is calculated and specific. Involves manipulation, gaslighting, a sense of entitlement,’ Jasmine says.

It’s my story and my journey. While it’s nerve-racking and extremely scary that people will read what happened in my life, I need to be a voice, I cannot be silent.

On Women’s International Day an older lady walked up to me and thanked me for writing this book. “We all go through it, but we don’t say anything, so thank you for speaking out!” She said to me! Sadly, thousands of women go through abuse, and whilst all are extremely hard to speak about, emotional abuse can be even harder to say as it affects your mind and mental state.”

Jasmine’s book is available now and her book launch will take place at The Venue, Middle Street in Croydon on Saturday 16th April.

Written By: Daniella Blechner

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