NEW MUSIC: Lizzie Morgan, Cecily, & Melvin Crispell III on ‘Too Good To Not Believe’

Too Good To Not Believe (feat. Lizzie Morgan, Cecily & Melvin Crispell III)

About “Too Good To Not Believe”

“Too Good To Not Believe” was written by Cody Carnes, Brandon Lake, Josh Silverburg, & Chris Davenport and features Lizzie Morgan, Cecily, & Melvin Crispell III. It’s a simple bold declarative song of worship that expresses the miracles, signs, wonders and power of God through those who follow and call Jesus, Lord. “Too Good To Not Believe” is lifted from TRIBL’s upcoming album, ‘TRIBL Nights Anthologies’ available April 29th, 2022.

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Written by: Vaughn Alvarez

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