Faith Can Improve Physical And Mental Well-being, Says Former Harley Street Consultant As Glorify App Launches ‘Body’ Update

Faith in God can boost physical and mental health, according to a well-being expert and former consultant from the world-renowned Harley Street clinic.

Natalie Braithwaite, who has worked with clients such as American Express, BMW, and Goldman Sachs during her career, believes prayer has physical benefits and can ease stress and anxiety. 

Natalie says,

God created us as body, mind, soul, and spirit. We can interact with God in all of these areas. Scientific research is continually teaching us more about our bodies and at the same time discovering that this truth is already in the Bible.

Natalie’s expertise has helped form nine video-based tools to aid believers in their relationship with God. She has teamed up with Ben Bluemel, a pastor, and writer, to form ‘Body’, a new category on Glorify, an app designed to help Christians strengthen their daily connection with God.

The qualified therapist also claims there are stretch routines, breathing exercises, and mindful movements that can help individuals connect to God. Those practices have been key in creating new functionality released this week on the Glorify app, to help Christians engage with God more holistically.

She continues, “Be still and know that I am God is a Scripture often quoted by Christians. However, to find that place of refuge and safety we have to do certain things… we have to be still.

“We bring our bodies into alignment and God brings peace. We make ourselves still, then our mind gets busy so we learn to still our mind. Then we can focus and our awareness of God is heightened.

“As Christians, we can often underestimate how much using our bodies can help us to connect with God in different ways. Faith always has a physical aspect – whether it is kneeling to pray, breathing to sing, or raising hands to praise God. The exciting thing is how much more of that there is to explore. God created our bodies and there is great power in understanding and honouring our bodies in the way that they were designed to be used.

“We’ve created these tools for Christians to help them incorporate their whole lives – that means mind, spirit, soul, and body – into their spiritual, devotional, and worship practices.

“As people explore the power of mindful movement, breathing, and meditation, they will discover even more ways to experience the presence of God. At Glorify, we believe that caring for and intentionally using our bodies to the glory of God is a powerful antidote to the stresses of modern culture.”

Ben added: “This new ‘Body’ category will help Christians learn how to still their bodies, control emotions, and regulate stress levels to the extent that the voice of God is more audible than ever in their lives. That means learning to incorporate their bodies, minds, and souls into their spiritual, devotional, and worship practices. 

Written by: Matthew Murray

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