The Ministry Experience Scheme

The Ministry Experience Scheme (MES) is a unique initiative that gives young adults, from all backgrounds, the space and time away from the pressures of modern life to test God’s calling on their lives.

“When I was told about MES and the opportunity to serve in IMPRINT church, I was filled with so much joy. I was so excited to be able to serve the church for a year.  I felt like I’d reached a plateau in my relationship with God and was excited to develop a closer and more intimate relationship with my Heavenly Father.” Helen Ajayi. Helen, who was a recent graduate in medical genetics, and was already a member of IMPRINT Leicester, before hearing about doing an MES placement in the church.

Every participant’s year can look different but is formed around practical ministry experience, such as kids and youth work; chaplaincy; community work; preaching; digital media; pastoral visiting, or event organisation. Part of Helen’s placement focus was leading a women’s ministry.  A successful highlight of which was an event called Wonder. Helen recalls, “‘We prayed for freedom and transparency in our message. We saw many people receive inner healing in the room. It was great to see what God was doing in people’s lives. Wonder provided a space for that to happen that people don’t often get.”

The year will also include some theological study which can be tailored to you – it doesn’t matter if you have no prior experience of theology or already have a degree in it. For many MES has been a step towards ordination or other church ministry; others say they have a clearer sense of God’s purpose as disciples in wider society and the workplace.

If you, like Helen, are aged 18-30 and looking for a year-long opportunity to serve God explore what he is calling you to, then please check out MES at It is free to do with expenses provided. There are over 100 placements available starting in September, across 25 local schemes in the UK and Europe.

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