New Release: Paul Payne837 – Mwebene (Feat. Lewis Kabeba ) 

Zambian Artist Paul Payne837, releases a single dubbed “Mwebene”. The song features another Zambian artist, Lewis Kabeba. 

It is easy to forget the trials of the past when something beautiful catches our ear. Lewis Kabeba starts off the song and serenades us with his brilliant voice. The blend of instruments in the background compliments his vocal range beautifully, setting the stage for a soulful journey. We are drawn into Paul Payne’s story in just a few moments. It’s easy to see why this song will become a hit. 

“Mwebene” is a song about God’s grace. The song was written by Paul Payne837 as a reflection on his life during a dark time. He realized that people only wanted to associate with him because of his potential as an artist. This was similar to what happened to David in the bible when people did not believe in him until they saw him slay a giant. 

“During a time I went off all my socials, I realized how entitled people were to me over my growth as an artist. I would ask people for help and it turned old because nobody wanted to help me. God’s grace over my life got me here and I want to keep speaking on how magnificent his love is”, Paul says.

Stand out Lyrics

“I feel like David look I gat the juice I gat the tools

He gave me everything I need but I gat to listen “

This is Paul Payne837’s third single of the year 2022, it was produced by Fusa following his last song “Yahweh” which, as expected, shot to the top with a wide listenership on Social Media. Mwebene is a fusion of Hip hop and Worship that makes Paul Payne837 very diverse in his music sound. 

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