Publisher To Donate Book Written By 10 Year Old To Charities Helping Children Overcome Trauma

A publishing company that helps writers publish their books, is gearing up for the launch of Feelings and How I Deal with Them by 10-year-old writer Lucas Lima.

The launch, hosted by Marcia M Publishing House will take place on World Book Night, April 23 at 4 pm at Soft Play Area, West Bromwich Leisure Area, Moor Street, West Bromwich B70 7AZ, and is set to give children an opportunity to learn more about this book and enjoy some play time.

The book chronicles Lucas feelings as he watched his mother go through a tumultuous relationship and experience of narcissistic abuse. He hopes that by him writing about his own experiences it will help children who are going through something similar.

Lucas from Wolverhampton was able to fulfil his dream of writing a book due to a special sponsorship scheme Marcia M Publishing started in 2020 with the aim of publishing books written by children aged 10 and under.

Lucas applied to the scheme and was successful.

Marcia M Spence, a Christian, and Director of Marcia M Publishing House stated, “I have long held desire to encourage children to write and publish their books. The sponsorship programme was the actualisation of that desire.

I have decades of experience working with children and have worked in the field of children and education for many years. I know how therapeutic writing can be for children, especially when they are feeling stressed and overwhelmed when living through situations where they have little or no control so you can image how pleased I am to have published Lucas’ book.

Feelings and How I Deal with Them was initially released last year when Lucas was 10, but now that lockdown is over, his book can now have an official launch so that he can celebrate his achievement with other children and their parents, as well as with his own family.”

Marcia M Publishing is planning to donate copies of Feelings and How I Deal with Them to organisations that work with children who have experienced trauma and also children who have witnessed domestic violence.

Marcia said,

It’s been an honour to work on this book with Lucas and his mother Aurea Reis, whose debut book Healing Letters was also published my company. Feelings and How I Deal with Them is an important work which I am sure will give a lot of hope to children. I was honoured to give Lucas the opportunity he deserved to help with contributing to his trust fund through the sales of the books.

Feelings and How to Deal with Them will also be gifted to organisations who work with children who have experienced early childhood trauma. I particularly want to reach children who have witnessed Domestic Violence with this book.

Written by: Marcia Dixon

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