Ground-Breaking New Research Released On The State Of Faith And Perceptions Of Jesus In The UK

Today, Alpha, the Evangelical Alliance, HOPE Together, Luis Palau Association, and Kingsgate Community Church are sharing the Talking Jesus report. This new wave of ground-breaking research answers what people think of Jesus; how non-Christians view any practising Christian friends they might have; and the evangelism landscape in the UK today.

Fresh from the report, here are just a few of the key findings being released today:

  • 45% of the UK population believe in the resurrection.
  • 1 in 3 non-Christians, after a conversation with a Christian, want to know more about Jesus Christ.
  • 20% of the UK population believe that Jesus is God.

Today at the denominational leaders’ summit at 11.00 am key leaders will be invited to hear and discuss the research before it is then shared widely in two free webinars at 2 pm and 7.30 pm.

The research will give church leaders an insight into how Christians, the Church, and Jesus are perceived by those outside our churches. There is a substantial part of the research that also shows how practicing Christians come to faith and will help church leaders to be strategic for growth.

The research was completed by Savanta ComRes in February 2022 using a representative sample of the population of the UK, weighted so that the data can be used confidently as a picture of the whole UK population. This research was first conducted in 2015 showing trends and changes over the past seven years.

Dr. Rachel Jordan-Wolf, Executive Director at HOPE Together says,

This research, that was first done in 2015, enables us to look over 7 years and see trends that will help us strategically with church growth. It has significant things to say about the church’s investment in the younger generations, gives us real hope for the future of the Church, and encouragement that now is the moment for evangelism and mission. It reaffirms that post-pandemic, there has never been a better time, or more need, for us as Christians to invest in making Jesus known.

Rachael Heffer, Head of Mission at the Evangelical Alliance, says,

It presents good news both for the church across the UK and for us as individual Christian witnesses. It goes to reaffirm that our non-Christian friends think well of us and like us, that there is an ever-greater openness to hear our stories of faith.

All the partner organisations involved are working with the research to shape their strategies over the coming months to empower local churches in effective evangelism.

To find out more, and read the report, go to: (going live at 2 pm today)

Written by: Danny Webster

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