Pray In May with Mary’s Meals

Mary’s Meals appeals to Christian community to pray for its mission

Mary’s Meals is inviting people of faith to pray for its mission during the month of May.

The charity – which is named after Mary, the mother of Jesus – serves nutritious school meals in 20 of the world’s poorest countries, many of which are impacted by conflict and natural disasters.

The promise of a good meal attracts hungry children into the classroom where, instead of working or looking for food, they can gain an education and hope for the future.

The annual Pray In May campaign asks people to pray that the work of Mary’s Meals continues to flourish and grow, and that more children throughout the world will see their lives transformed by receiving a daily meal in a place of education.

Magnus MacFarlane-Barrow, founder of Mary’s Meals, says: “Prayer came first in the story of Mary’s Meals, and for many of us, that remains the case on a daily basis. We pray knowing that this mission depends entirely on God’s grace, and so we need to stay joined to Him. 

“Prayer is part of the daily fabric of Mary’s Meals – something we wish to make space for and encourage in this diverse global family of ours.”

People can get involved in Pray In May by:

  • Including a prayer for Mary’s Meals in church services.
  • Organising a time of prayer for Mary’s Meals.
  • Encouraging children to pray for the charity’s work.

Mary’s Meals has produced a series of downloadable resources to support these activities, which are available on its website.

It also offers a special gift of hope’ card, which will feed a hungry child for a year.

The charity recently announced that it is now reaching 2,279,941 children every school day.

While recognising the special place of prayer in its work, Mary’s Meals consists of, respects and reaches out to people of all faiths and none.

For prayer guides, gift cards and Pray In May resources, please visit

Written by: Kim Webster 

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