New Group Resource For Men Who Want To Know What Following Jesus Really Means

Christian Vision for Men (CVM) have recently launched a brand-new affordable and accessible resource called CODETalks, based around their twelve-point honour code, for men who want to know more about the good news of Jesus Christ and what it really means to live out an authentic life following Him.

Nathan Blackaby, CEO of CVM, said, “As an international movement, CVM calls men to discover and live a full-on life for Jesus Christ – our Captain, Brother, Rescuer, and Friend. We aim to build strong men’s groups who stand together, live The Code in their daily lives and introduce their mates to Jesus.”

The Code is CVM’s twelve-point manual for practical Christian living. It’s a rule of life for men to help them to stay gripped and focused on living a full-on, uncompromised Jesus-centred life, in company with others. CVM already offer a range of resources based around The Code, including monthly podcasts, devotional Bible studies for individuals, group study series, and weekly Tactical Comms emails.

CODETalks is the latest resource to be released – it’s designed to help groups engage with guys who might be ready to explore a bit further into what it means to live a Christian life following Jesus. Based around The Code, it comprises a 12-session video series with a leader’s book and workbooks to get men exploring the Christian faith.

CODETalks is designed to be a really affordable and accessible resource – the pack includes the leader’s workbook, six workbooks, and access to all the videos for £10 plus P&P, with additional workbooks available to buy as well for larger groups.

The link for further information and to order CODETalks is: The Code and all other Code resources can be found here:

Written by: Nicki Matthews 

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