Publisher Who’s Been Interviewed On 100 Podcasts On Mission To Help People Write Their Book

Award-winning author and publisher Tarnya Coley, who’s spoken on 100 podcasts about her work, believes that everyone has a book inside of them – and is now on a mission to help people write and publish their story.

On June 11th Tarnya, a committed Christian, will be hosting Authors breakfast, an event which aims to kick start the journey of people considering writing and publishing a book. 

She explained,

My aim is to take the mystery out of book publishing and make people aware that they have what it takes to write and publish a book, whether it’s their personal story or about an aspect of their career/work, spiritual journey.  I also want to show them how to do so, providing support if necessary.  I don’t think people also realise that they can write their book in 90-days, then go on to get it published.  I want people to realise that it is possible.

Speakers at the Authors Breakfast are Tarnya’s former mentor Lisa Chee MBE, winner of Gordan Ramsay’s F Word, Britain’s Best Local Chinese Restaurant. Lisa is also an award-winning foodpreneur and business coach, and a successful restauranteur. This other speaker is Mumba Kafola, an author and award-winning personal development consultant.

Tarnya, who attends Victory Outreach, Manchester believes that telling one’s story through a book is a powerful way to impact the lives of others.  She said, “After running confidence building/personal development workshops for cancer sufferers and women who’ve experienced domestic abuse, I’ve seen how empowering it can be for people to share their story through speech.  Writing one’s story and publishing it is even more powerful, because it gives people the chance to touch the world with their story as well as inspire, motivate and empower them too.”

Tarnya has been on her journey of helping others write and publishing their books since 2018, after leaving her job as a Health and Social Care lecturer to launch her company T C Publishing.   She explained “I was overwhelmed, overworked and underpaid.  I had little time to spend with my family as I was always working.  Something had to give, and it was my career in education.”

“I’ve always been interested in the stories of others, and after publishing a book about my life I realised I wanted to provide a publishing service for others.”

Tarnya shared. “My mum had me when she was a teenager but went on to get a degree and pursue a career as a social worker which was a huge inspiration for me, and a reminder it’s not where you start, it’s where you finish.” 

To date TC Publishing has published an array of books – this includes devotionals, a motivational cookbook, and people’s personal journeys of overcoming a difficult childhood, abuse, and undergoing marital breakdown.  Plus, the company is currently working on 12 soon to be published books.  Tarnya has recently been awarded best female-focused book publisher 2022.

“I love what I do.  Firstly because I am helping writers fulfil their personal goal in publishing their own book and secondly because I love hearing about the impact that the person’s book is having on others.  We are living in challenging times, and books can provide people with hope and inspiration as well as empower them to overcome whatever difficulties they are experiencing.  It’s through sharing we help others and books are a perfect vehicle to do this.  And my message to those considering writing one, just do it.  It’ll be worth it.”

Written by: Marcia Dixon

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