New Book Recommends A Different Take on How to Manage Mental Health

Other People: Something You Should Know – A different take on mental health – new book recommends looking beyond yourself as means of managing your own issues

Taking an alternative approach to mental health, psychotherapist Jonathan Coppin’s Other People: Something You Should Know is a must-read to all those keen to learn more about mental health and its triggers.  The author’s candid and accessible writings encourage the reader to take the macro view to better understand how the ideas underlying mental health conditions are impacting everyone, and it’s the conviction that we’re the only ones feeling the way we do that really harms us and makes people ill.

Offering well-developed and interesting hypotheses, supported by the most up-to-date research, Jonathan Coppin’s book makes for compelling reading for those wishing to be more aware of mental health, as much as those simply interested in observing the human condition.


Global reports of unprecedented levels of mental illness and our children have never seemed unhappier. We talk about mental health all the time, but we really don’t know the first thing about it. We don’t understand what happens in people’s minds when mental health suffers.

Taking the best evidence from psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology, and neuroscience, Other People introduces us to the ideas that can hurt people so badly they need help. And reveals just how much the same ideas affect us all in every aspect of our lives, including the ways we think about mental health and try to treat it.

Psychology has always told us it’s the things we can’t see that hurt us most. Other People shows us how looking at other people can be the key to coming to terms with ourselves.

The author says:

My book describes how remarkably little we know about mental health (and how hard we try to persuade ourselves that we do), identifies some important things we do know (but we don’t widely acknowledge we know) and argues we should be spending more time looking at what’s going on for other people in order to manage our own mental health, rather than rushing to examine ourselves in isolation in therapy, or pop pills, which is what happens at the moment when things go wrong.

Published by The Levertov Press, Other People: Something You Should Know is available on Amazon as follows:

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