Mark Greene Releases The Queen’s Way – New Work On The Queen’s Faith

The Queen’s Way gives fresh analysis of Elizabeth II’s faith through her own words

Mark Greene, Mission Champion at the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity (LICC) and co-author of the bestselling The Servant Queen, is releasing The Queen’s Way, a fresh analysis of the Queen’s faith through her own words.   As the world celebrates Her Majesty’s extraordinary achievements, this 40-page essay both enriches our appreciation of the Queen and challenges us by her example. Focusing on her Christmas addresses across her reign – because she writes them herself – Mark’s close analysis offers new insights into the Queen’s concerns and the particular character of her Christian faith.

Published by LICC and Bible Society, it seeks to fill a gap in public understanding of the importance of Elizabeth II’s faith to her reign. Although it’s no secret that Jesus Christ is of central importance to her, very little has been written about how her Christian commitment has fuelled her vision for her role, the nation, and the Commonwealth.

So, in The Queen’s Way, Mark looks in depth at what Elizabeth II herself says about her faith. What emerges is a compelling picture of a global stateswoman whose private and public lives have been shaped by the Bible and her relationship with Jesus – whose life of sacrifice, service, and compassion is the inspiration and model for hers.

‘Since she first came to the throne aged 25, Her Majesty The Queen has been rightly praised across the world for the way she’s fulfilled her role,’ said Mark Greene. ‘She’s consistently shown grace, diligence, humility, and effectiveness. It’s no coincidence that she’s remained such a popular, unifying figure in our increasingly fractured society.

‘On top of that, when she speaks about what it means to be a citizen of the UK or a member of the Commonwealth, she talks in terms of service: about how we can proactively help others as individuals, as a nation, and as a family of nations.

‘What’s remarkable is how the Queen’s vision and the qualities she aspires to have their roots in the words, example, and empowerment of Jesus. By reading across the many statements she’s made about that faith over the years, we get an inspiring picture of a whole life lived to God’s glory: of a disciple who has truly integrated her faith into every aspect of her life.

‘That’s why we’re publishing this essay: because we want people not only to celebrate the Queen for the godly disciple she is and be encouraged by her example, but to learn from her. We want to inspire people to embrace their own callings and look to Jesus to work in and through them for the sake of others, whatever they do.’

The Queen’s Way is available to read and share for free on the LICC blog, and paperback copies are available for £3 each or five for £10 via the LICC shop

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