Witnessing Poverty In Ghana Inspires Amma To Join World Vision’s Chosen Initiative

It was a personal experience of a girl in Ghana who was taken in by her family that inspired Amma Dompreh to take part in World Vision UK’s innovative Chosen initiative.

That girl was Ashanti, whose mother died when she was very young. Ashanti’s father had abandoned her, and she was told to live with Amma’s grandmother, in rural Ghana as a ‘house girl’.

When Amma’s grandma died in 2021, Ashanti was taken in by Amma’s aunt in Accra, the capital of Ghana. She is now enjoying a nursing course, has lots of friends and a busy social life.

Globally, many children are not as fortunate as Ashanti. That’s why World Vision UK is giving people here the chance to help those children make positive choices that will give them hope for the future.

For over 70 years World Vision has offered people the opportunity to sponsor children in poorer countries. Chosen flips the lid on the traditional child sponsorship model. Rather than sponsors choosing a child from a gallery of photographs, by volunteering to be Chosen, a sponsor is photographed and, as the name suggests, is chosen by a child in one of the communities where World Vision is working.

Knowing that the power to choose is empowering and transformative, World Vision uses the Chosen model to give children the chance to create positive change in their own lives and communities. Amma’s Christian faith inspired her to join Chosen.

“My Christian faith also inspired me to sign up to be Chosen. Despite having a busy personal and professional life, I think it’s so important to put others before myself and think about the impact I can make. I’m lucky enough to have a passionate family who moved from Ghana to the UK,” says Amma, a digital marketing officer from Buckinghamshire.

“Here, where I was born, I’ve been given a lot of opportunities and chances to better the lives of my immediate family, extended family, and family further afield. Not everyone has those chances. I don’t want to ever forget that,” says Amma.

Amma is one of more than 50,000 people worldwide who have signed up for Chosen. And people in the UK are being encouraged to sign up before May 25 for the next opportunity to be Chosen as sponsors by children in Pajule, Northern Uganda.

“I submitted my photograph to the WVUK website, received updates of when the next ‘choosing party’ would happen, and within a few weeks, I saw this beautiful image of Scavin holding my picture in Pajule. My heart was full when I saw her smile and what she had written for me.”

Scavin is an eight-year-old girl with five sisters and two brothers. Her parents work in agricultural labour. Scavin enjoys playing and skipping when she is not doing household chores.

Amma sends Scavin birthday messages and Scavin sends videos and updates about the things she does in her community. “When she first introduced herself she was shy and standing next to someone who would get her to speak to the camera. The last time I saw her, she was basking in the sunset and gave me a big smile and a wave. She looked so happy,” says Amma. 

To find out more about how to be Chosen visit the World Vision UK website.

Written by:  Jo Duckles

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