OM Announces New Ship To Set Sail For Ports Of Southeast Asia

The charity Operation Mobilisation (OM) is announcing the introduction of a new ship, Doulos Hope. The vessel is the first new ship of a planned fleet designed to reach new regions, sharing knowledge, help, and hope with vulnerable or marginalised communities.

Doulos Hope is a smaller vessel with less draft than her sister ship, Logos Hope, enabling her to operate in shallower waters and travel to new regions. The ship will be based in Southeast Asia and stay in ports for extended periods to enable greater cultural engagement. 

Seelan Govender, CEO of OM’s Ship Ministry says,

It is a privilege for us to join God in His mission to invite others to see transformed lives and communities. That is why we have chosen the name Doulos Hope, ‘servant of hope’. We are excited for this new phase of our ministry; we have always been passionate about building a community of disciples worldwide and vessels like Doulos Hope will help us realise this.

As OM builds the fleet in the future, each new ship will have a geographical focus in line with OM’s vision to invest in disciple-making, leadership training, holistic community engagement, and collaboration with the local church community.

Following the handover of the new vessel which took place on 25th May, the ship will spend a year being outfitted and equipped for ministry. Like Logos HopeDoulos Hope will be fitted with a floating book fair, bringing Christian and educational literature to the ports it stops in.

Govender continues,

Our vision is for the Ships Ministry to draw people to work together in order to accomplish something they could never do as an individual church, denomination or even mission agency.

The vessel also contains a 130-seat meeting room and a 30-seat training room ideal for accommodating and training crew and external partners. It will also allow for the hosting of seminars, ministry training, and fellowship events.  

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Written by: Megan Hills 

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