Who Is Hussain Partners With NHS Blood & Transplant For World Record Attempt To Save 150,000 Lives

Who is Hussain, a grassroots social justice charity based in the UK, has today announced its ambitious #GlobalBloodHeroes campaign, which aims to break the world record for the most blood donations in one calendar day.  In partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant in the UK, on Saturday 27 August, the global charity will aim to save 150,000 lives around the world, as people and communities rally together to donate across 60 locations and six continents.

They are calling on new donors to come forward and be one of 50,000 #GlobalBloodHeroes, as Who is Hussain dispels common fears and misconceptions around blood donation that may have prevented action in the past. Just one unit of blood can help to save three lives.

The campaign hopes to help fulfil the increasing need for blood donations as NHS hospitals are currently suffering a significant lack of supply. The UK needs to recruit 400 new blood donors every day to save the lives of those who suffer blood loss through accidents, childbirth or have a medical condition such as haemophilia.

Muntazir Rai, Director of Who is Hussain said:

We know our goal to save 150,000 lives is ambitious, but we are confident there are thousands of Global Blood Heroes out there who are brave enough to step up to the challenge. Who is Hussain has achieved incredible feats in its short history, and during this difficult time, we felt it was important to help people find a way to support their communities and the world. I will be overcoming my fears to donate blood for the first time on 27 August. Join me!

Dr Sayyada Mawji, GP, aid worker and Head of Relief at Who is Hussain in London, said of the campaign:

We chose today, World Blood Donor Day, to launch this extraordinary campaign and inspire people around the world to join the Global Blood Heroes. There are a lot of misconceptions out there regarding blood donation. The truth is, it’s very safe, and easy and is conducted by healthcare professionals, like me. With just one hour of your time donating blood, you can save up to three adult lives, or up to seven infant lives. Imagine the impact 50,000 donors could make on one day.

Blood donation is a safe and regulated procedure conducted by healthcare professionals.

To find out where you can donate on 27 August and how you can book online for the #GlobalBloodHeroes campaign, visit Who Is Hussain’s website now.

Who is Hussain is working in partnership with the Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign, NHS Blood and Transplant Service, Red Cross and other local blood centres across the world.

You can find more on the campaign at: blood.whoishussain.org

Written by: Daniel Henry

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