A Blood Test That Can Detect Over 50 Cancers

There is now a blood test that can detect over 50 types of cancer.

B’Me Against Cancer is collaborating with the NHS-Galleri study to encourage people who are 50 to 77 years old and have not had cancer in the last three years to volunteer and take part.  NHS England wants to see how well this new test works alongside existing cancer screening programmes to detect cancer early.

It’s really important that people of all backgrounds volunteer for the trial so that the NHS can decide if the test could work well for everyone.

Why Volunteer

Unfortunately, for various reasons, the Black Caribbean and Asian communities have a very low number of participants in the trial.  

  • We know that 1 in 4 black men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer;
  • Non-hormonal triple-negative breast cancer is more likely in younger Black African, Black African Caribbean, and some Asian women.
  • Bowel cancer is increasing in the Black UK population, and furthermore,
  • There is a backlog of cancer detection caused by the pandemic. Hence we are seeing many of our people presenting with cancers are at more advanced stages.


To find out more and how to take part, visit bme.org.uk for dates and locations of mobile units.

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