Devastating floods strike India and Bangladesh

“These are the worst floods we’ve seen for 20 years” – Devastating floods strike India and Bangladesh

Millions of people have been displaced, and at least 60 people have been killed, by flooding in India and Bangladesh. The heavy monsoon rains have triggered landslides causing further destruction and people have been killed by lightning strikes.

Nushrat Rahman Chowdhury, Christian Aid’s Climate Justice Policy Advisor, based in Bangladesh, said:

“These are the worst floods we’ve seen for 20 years. The severity of these floods as astonished people in the region, and we are no strangers to flooding here. It’s alarming to see so many people being displaced and their livelihoods washed away. People have been without food, drinking water and electricity for days.

“Even just evacuating people and taking them to safer places remains a challenge. The heavy rains have broken records and in some places led to devastating landslides such as the hills of Chittagong. It’s too early to predict the total costs of these disasters. A comprehensive loss and damage assessment, alongside immediate assistance, is needed with a particular focus on non-economic losses such as loss of health, displacement, biodiversity loss and ecosystem services so that the affected can be supported properly.

“The bottom line is that these are devastating – people will need to start from scratch. And the scariest part is we’re seeing these kinds of climate impacts at just 1.1°C of global warming with emissions continuing to rise.”

Christian Aid is responding on the ground in Bangladesh providing cash grants, helping affected households repair damaged homes, purchase food, medicine and other essential items.

Hygiene kits are being distributed among Dalit and Indigenous families who have adolescent girls and women and other severely affected, women-led, poorest families. Rice and vegetable seeds are also being distributed to farmers.

Written by:  Joe Ware 

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