How Can God Bless Us If We Reject His Laws?

A leaflet calling the country to repentance distributed widely around UK churches has been turned into a gripping short film

The Wartime Miracles Leaflet which was posted to 25,000 churches across the British Isles two years ago has now been turned into a free lm, ideal for use during these distressing times. This ten-minute film initially explains how the Lord answered the prayers of the nation, bringing about the Miracle of Dunkirk with a calm sea descending upon the English Channel. It then goes on to show how the nation has turned away from him and rejected his commandments.

And the film questions: “How can a holy God bless or protect a nation from evil, while it rejects his laws?” This short, punchy movie is a clarion call for both personal and national repentance. While on the one hand it clearly demonstrates that the Lord is willing and able to deliver a nation, showing that help is indeed available, it also soberly explains that such divine help is conditional upon repentance. There is hope, the film explains, but only through repentance.

The widespread sharing of this lm will inspire and challenge those with faith and those with none. “The Lord’s hand is not shortened that it cannot save nor his ear heavy that it cannot hear, but your iniquities have separated you from your God so that he will not hear,” (Isaiah 59:1,2). Ideal for churches, Bible study, and
prayer groups, you can send the film by searching YouTube for ‘A Dramatic Answer to Prayer. The Miracle of Dunkirk’ or use the following link:

A Dramatic Answer to Prayer The Miracle of Dunkirk

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