Earthquake Response In Afghanistan Launched By Christian Aid

International development charity, Christian Aid, has launched an £100,000 emergency response to the devastating earthquake that hit Afghanistan’s Paktika and Khost provinces on Wednesday, killing over a thousand people.  

Working with their local partner, the Organisation for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Relief (OCHR), Christian Aid will be distributing $100 to between 500 and 700 families in the Gayan and Barmal districts of Paktika. 

The cash support will be first targeting female-headed households and those with disabled, elderly, or long-term sick family members. In total, £100,000 will be used to help people in dire need of support, especially those in isolated villages and vulnerable households. 

Afghanistan, where Christian Aid has been active for over 30 years, is already reeling from the impacts of drought, conflict, and economic collapse. Those dire conditions have been further exacerbated by global price rises driven by the war in Ukraine. 

Subrata De, Christian Aid’s country manager for Afghanistan, said: 

Our partner OCHR has good local reach within the communities that have been affected by the earthquake. They are currently carrying out assessments to identify the most vulnerable people who need our help immediately.  

We will target those that haven’t received assistance from other agencies and those who could face exclusion because of their situation, including single women and people with disabilities. We need to act quickly and in collaboration with the government and other emergency responders.

Ghulam Sadiq Safi, Director General at OCHR, said: 

As we start to bury the dead and as the hunt for survivors continues, we must do all we can to support the people who have lost their homes, their livelihoods and in many cases, their family members. 

Immediate needs are drinking water, food and shelter. The cash we distribute will allow families to choose what they prioritise.

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