Summer Fun For Children With World Vision UK’s Brand New, Free Activity Pack

“Are we nearly there yet?” It’s the question that grates on the nerves of many adults as they pack their buckets and spades and head off on their summer holidays with their children.

World Vision is one of the world’s largest children’s charities – working to bring hope and fulness of life to children in poorer communities in more than 100 countries.

The free activity pack helps raise awareness of World Vision’s work while offering children lots of fun things to do, pictures to colour in and puzzles to crack. They can help Milo the thirsty cat navigate through the maze to find his milk.

They can colour in ducks, alpacas, chickens and goats – all animals that World Vision supporters give as gifts to families in poorer communities. Chickens and ducks provide nutritious eggs to help feed families, and goats are a source of milk for children and can be sold to help earn money for other basics. The pack includes a recipe for a chocolate snack and instructions for making friendship bracelets

World Vision has more than 70 years of experience making a difference in poorer communities in more than 100 countries.  One of the main ways people support World Vision is through sponsoring a child in one of those communities. When people do this, they walk hand-in-hand with the child’s community to tackle the root causes of poverty that hold children back. They help World Vision’s programmes, working with communities to help provide access to essentials like clean water, nutritious food, healthcare, child protection, education and economic opportunities. 

Alina Sisianu, Head of Digital Marketing and Communications for World Vision UK, says: “

“This activity pack is a colourful and fun way of highlighting the work our supporters enable us to do helping children in poorer countries – children who may not be lucky enough to go to school. I’ve got a 10-year-old and I’ll be downloading a pack for her to enjoy in the quieter moments of the summer holidays.” 

Download the free activity pack here.

Written by: Jo Duckles

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