Thought-Provoking Book on Worship, A Different Priesthood

Award-Winning Worship Leader & ReFresh Institute Founder PSALMIST RAINE Releases Thought-Provoking on Worship, A Different Priesthood

(Chicago, IL) – August 8, 2022 – When most people hear the name “Psalmist Raine”, they envision spirit-filled worship, God-breathed songs and an arresting presence of God that permeates the atmosphere. It’s no surprise; Psalmist Raine has been positioned as one of today’s most provocative worship leaders. Her undeniable ability to bring believers into the Holy of Holies is well-known in Christendom. Recognized for her live recordings filled with spontaneous and prophetic worship, the award-winning psalmist and founder of the ReFresh Institute has emerged as a leader in the realm of Christian music. However, one word that may not come to mind when hearing the name “Psalmist Raine” is author. That’s getting ready to change with the brand new release of her book, A Different Priesthood. The book is currently available on Amazon and at

Determined to inform as well as inspire, Psalmist Raine provides precious nuggets in A Different Priesthood. A well-penned book containing thought-provoking concepts, A Different Priesthood is the book that worshippers and worship leaders have been waiting for. It’s clearly apparent in the first few chapters that we are privy not just to the ideas of a gifted worship leader, but we are witnessing the revelation of an intellectual, Bible scholar. Psalmist Raine doesn’t just give us ideas about “a different priesthood”; she backs it up with plenty of scriptures. She reveals truths of worship unapologetically and causes the reader – throughout almost 100 pages – to take a deep look inside when it comes to what we are offering God as opposed to what we should be offering God. Psalmist Raine delves into the different types of priesthood and shows us in detail what this new priesthood looks like.

Psalmist Raine believes those called of God aren’t living all that has been decreed in the Bible. “A Different Priesthoodshares about the mandate to live from the finished works of Jesus Christ,” says Psalmist Raine.

This invites us to a life that we’ve proclaimed but have not lived out. It’s an order of life that is from the Order of Melchizedek and it produces a different type of worshipper that we have yet to see in this hour. I may step on some toes here, but this is not Levitical Worship. I’ve had to repent for teaching worship from an old structure and system that did not reflect what Jesus accomplished in His Death, Burial, Resurrection, and Ascension. Beyond this being a dispensation of grace, this is also the dispensation of Greater…for the Sons and Daughters of God.

Although many may assume that this book is just for worship leaders, that would be an incorrect assumption. Psalmist Raine says that this book for “anyone who believes in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Written for the committed believer and those who desire a deep, theological dive into the real meaning of worship, the author admonishes the reader saying, “This book may ruffle some feathers with those who may attempt to live this out in the local assembly. You may ask why? That is simply because this life of worship has everything to do with presence-based governance. The sanctuary we serve from is a Heavenly Sanctuary, not made by man’s hand (Hebrews 8:2) and the altar we serve from is not set in the Tabernacle (Hebrews 13:10).”

The host of two podcasts, The Creatives Culture Podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network and Morning Meets with God (on the author’s YouTube and Facebook pages), Psalmist Raine will surely be sharing information from A Different Priesthood during her podcasts. A Different Priesthood is her third writing; she also released Release The Manna in 2018 and 21-Day Honor Code Challenge in 2019.

For years now, Psalmist Raine has been setting an atmosphere for worship all across the world.

A native of Chicago, she is known for her spirited live recordings including Believe Again (2013), ReFresh Worship Live (2016), To Abba (2017), ReFresh Worship Live 2 – For The Nations (2018), Here I Am – The Stanza (2019), Release: The Seeker’s Edition (2020), Heart Songs (2020), Believe Again: Remastered (2021) and ReFresh Worship Live 3: Fellowship of Sons & Brethren (2021–2022). A Chicago Gospel Music Award Nominee for Praise & Worship Artist of the Year and the Winner of the Peculiar Artist Award from Kierra Sheard’s BRL (Bold Right Life) Chicago Chapter, Psalmist Raine is readying this generation and the next through her ReFresh Institute, an organization designed to empower the believer’s destiny through biblical and vocational education. For more information on Psalmist Raine including her upcoming engagements, log on to Connect with her on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter (@psalmistraine).

Written by:  Andrea R. Williams

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