God in Number 10: The Personal Faith of the Prime Ministers



The Personal Faith of the Prime Ministers, from Balfour to Blair

20th October 2022

9780281087280 | £25 | Hardback

This book casts a new perspective on every holder of the highest political office in the realm

‘Prepare to be shocked and surprised as the author lays bare their souls.’

There are biographies aplenty on the 18 men and 1 woman who took up residence behind the famous black door, it is notable that many of these works fail to reflect an important – sometimes the most important – aspect of the life of their subject. God in Number 10 rectifies this omission, offering intriguing insights into Margaret Thatcher’s legendary ‘Sermon on the Mound’, Tony Blair’s perception of Jesus as a modernizer, Arthur Balfour’s recourse to spiritualism, Stanley Baldwin’s mystical experiences, and Winston Churchill’s involvement with astrology. The book considers the role of religion generally in the political classes of the period, the reasons for the declining influence of faith in the public forum, and the relationship between Church and State.  

The families of H. H. Asquith, Bonar Law, Ramsay MacDonald, Neville Chamberlain, Harold Macmillan, Alec Douglas-Home, and Harold Wilson have all expressed their support for God in Number 10 and, where able, helped in the research, while John Major has assisted fully.

the author is available for interview and commission and the book is available for extract

Mark Vickers read History at Durham University and practised with one of the City law firms. Having studied for the priesthood at the English College in Rome, he was ordained for the Diocese of Westminster in 2003. He is currently a parish priest in West London. He has previously published two biographies and is the author of Reunion Revisited: 1930s Ecumenism Exposed (Gracewing, 2017).


Faith defined the reigns of many of our kings and queens. The faith of the Prime Ministers, however, has been largely overlooked by historians. This carefully researched and well-written study reveals the religious faith of our Prime Ministers, or lack of it, in vivid colours. Prepare to be shocked and surprised as the author lays bare their souls

– Sir Anthony Seldon, Biographer of the Prime Ministers

A brilliant, fascinating, surprising, sometimes touching parade of nineteen believers, heretics, agnostics, atheists, mystics, astrologers, bigots, and Bible-thumping pagans: enlightening and entertaining from start to finish.

– Brendan Walsh

Secularism has airbrushed the role of religion from the formation and motivation of our Prime Ministers. This book demonstrates the conclusive and increasing importance of faith in the lives of the twentieth-century premiers.

– Jeremy Black, Emeritus Professor of History, University of Exeter

Do Christian beliefs, values, and prayer have a place in contemporary politics? What have we to fear if they don’t? This timely study reveals the surprising extent to which the Prime Ministers of the last century were influenced by their Christian upbringing and faith – and suggests how their successors could benefit from a similar ethical foundation.

– Tim Farron, MP, Leader of the Liberal Democrats, 2015-17

Written by: Claire Maxwell

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