Winter Is The Next Challenge For Fleeing Ukrainians, Christian Aid Warns

Winter is the next challenge for fleeing Ukrainians, Christian Aid warns

Six months since Russia’s invasion, the international development agency Christian Aid is warning millions of Ukrainians face a bleak winter in temporary shelters and damaged homes.

Christian Aid is working at full speed to help people get through the cold months when temperatures can plunge to -20C.

Alongside its local partners and other charities, the programme for winter includes insulating shelters, restoring toilet and shower blocks and handing out cash, food, blankets, toiletries, and other essentials to support 57,000 people.

Christian Aid CEO Patrick Watt, who visited Ukraine in June, said:

Thanks to the unprecedented generosity of the British people, Christian Aid is helping local people to take the lead in tackling their own priorities.

This has included grants to make temporary accommodation more resilient to the cold and delivering food and vital drugs, for example to people living with HIV.

But with disrupted power, freezing temperatures lie ahead for conflict-hit Ukrainians already struggling with trauma and a lack of medical treatment. We must do more, and quickly.

One helpful measure would be for the Ukrainian government to lift the tax on humanitarian aid. We urge the UK government to use its relationships in Kyiv to achieve this. We want to complement state activities – not replace them.

On our part, we must also ensure that the humanitarian sector improves how it operates. The more those most affected can oversee their own recovery then the more of they are empowered to shape their future.

Money to help Ukrainians survive winter can be donated to Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal – Christian Aid.

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