Food Poverty Charity Launch Campaign to Feed Children in Poverty for Same Cost as a Netflix Subscription

As the cost-of-living crisis worsens, money has become tighter for everyone across the UK. From increases in prices for everything from food to fuel, people are looking at ways to cut back.

Food charity, Charity Right, who provide long term school meals to starving children across the globe, have launched a new campaign to highlight just how much £13 can pay for.

Living in the UK, we have millions of consumer items at our fingertips which have become norms in our daily lives.

Whilst those of us who are able to spend £13 on various coffees mid-week, or pay for a £13 Netflix subscription, the charity reveals that £13 can pay for a child’s school meals every day for an entire month.

Sajad Mahmood, CEO of Charity Right says,

We are becoming even more conscious about where we invest our money as every penny becomes more precious than before.”

But where a lot of the UK see a gym membership or a Netflix subscription as a must have, millions of children across the world don’t even have food on the table.

Currently, 21 million children across the world are severely food insecure, according to Unicef[1]. For those in countries such as Afghanistan, where over half of the population live under the poverty line, and Malawi, where 73% of people live in poverty in certain districts, a meal is a lifeline.

The £13 that goes towards a child’s daily school meals for a month will ensure that they are off the streets and put into education.

“Child labour is a huge issue in many countries as children as young as 5 are forced to work in order to provide food for their household.”, adds Mahmood.

The charity says the campaign aims to encourage those who are able to, to simply rethink where they are spending £13 each month or even each week rather than ditch their habits completely, as it could be used to give a child a future.

Written by: Emma Robinson 

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