Prince William’s Pal, Former Drug Dealer Pastor Mick Fleming, To Have Life Turned Into TV Drama 

Pastor Mick Fleming, a former drug dealer who found God and set up Church on The Street, a charity which has been visited by Kate Middleton and Prince William, will be the subject of a new drama series: ‘The Pastor’.  

‘Top Boy’ director Brady Hood is already in talks with Herd to direct the TV series based on Pastor Mick’s life, which will shoot in both the UK and Portugal, as first reported by Variety. 

Pastor Mick first shot to fame during the 2020 pandemic, when his work delivering food and necessities to desperate families in Burnley became the subject of a BBC news report watched by 50 million people.   

Raped by a stranger as a child, Mick’s unspeakable childhood trauma propelled him into the criminal underworld of 90s Britain, and to life as a dangerous gangster, and drug dealer. 

One day, about to shoot a man, he had a spiritual epiphany which led him to God, and a mission to serve the UK’s most vulnerable.  

On his journey serving the homeless and those suffering from poverty and mental health issues, Pastor Mick ran into the man who sexually assaulted him as a child. Instead of murdering him, as he had long fantasised about, Mick helped the man recover from his alcoholism and reunite with his family. 

Pastor Mick is publishing his autobiography Blown Away: From drug dealer to life bringer, with SPCK on the 15th of September. Pastor Mick will also share his life story at a London event organised by SPCK called Made to Rise on the 22nd of September. 

Made to Rise will see Pastor Mick join two other authors – poet John-Paul Flintoff and singer-songwriter Lily-Jo – to talk about the ways in which God has raised them up from brokenness and mental health issues, the relationship between spiritual and mental health, and how suffering can lead to redemption.

Written by: Emily Beater 

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