Christian Charity Leads UK Churches In A Day Of Prayer For World Hunger Crisis

Compassion UK announces a Day of Prayer for the Global Food Crisis this Sunday, 18 September.

Churches around the UK are joining together Sunday to pray for the immediate needs of the escalating global hunger crisis during Compassion’s Day of Prayer. For the first time in six years, world hunger is on the rise. According to the World Food Programme, at the start of this year, 276 million people worldwide faced acute food insecurity where their lives or livelihoods were in immediate danger because of their restricted access to adequate food. This number continues to grow.

In response, Compassion UK has developed a Day of Prayer resource kit for churches that informs and provides prayer points for congregations. It aims to bring together Christians in the UK in prayer for this large-scale crisis and is inviting the Church to join in prayer on September 18th. 

Intensifying global events and other complex factors are affecting supply chains and extreme weather and droughts threaten the vital harvests in many regions of the world. The United Nations found COVID-19 is reversing decades of progress on poverty, and now the perfect storm of factors threatens to do the same to world hunger.

As the situation becomes increasingly severe, Compassion UK urges the Church to turn to God in prayer for all those facing food insecurity right now. It is urgent, and now more than ever God’s mercy and provision is needed.

Mark Preston, Senior Director of Partnerships for Compassion UK, says,

Right now, across the world, people are losing crops and families are going hungry. It’s difficult to comprehend a crisis of this scale, but when I hear even one story of how it’s affecting a community, I realise how urgent it is to act. As Christians, we have a commission to care for those who are hungry. We also have a God who cares. Hand in hand with Compassion’s initiatives to relieve the strains on communities that are suffering, we can join with Compassion’s church partners and other Christians across the UK and Ireland, to pray together to our Lord who knows and cares for each individual affected.

Compassion’s 8,500 local church partners are already serving some of the most vulnerable in this crisis. Many UK churches have partnered with Compassion to meet urgent nutritional needs and work towards sustainable solutions to hunger. Now, Compassion UK is urging the Church to pray:

1.    Pray for those experiencing acute hunger

2.    Pray for a resolution to conflict and that global food chains will be restored quickly

3.    Pray for areas affected by extreme weather

For more information about Compassion’s Day of Prayer, access the full church resources here. For more information about other ways Compassion is responding to the Global Food Crisis – here.

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