Pastor’s View On Tithing Has Changed

A recent study — entitled Revisiting the Tithe & Offering, by leading research company, Barna Group — has found that only a minority of US pastors believe Christians should tithe (give 10% of their income to the church).

The question of whether a Christian should tithe – a biblical practice encouraged in the Old Testament – has, over the years, caused major discussion amongst lay members and church leaders.

Just recently, high profile TV pastor, Creflo Dollar, announced he had been teaching wrongly about tithing.

The study found that whilst most pastors don’t see giving outside the church as tithing, 70% felt that tithing doesn’t have to be financial. When asked how much of a person’s income would be an acceptable tithe, only 33% were in favour of the traditional 10%.

Twenty-one per cent of pastors couldn’t say what percentage of their income a Christian should give, but suggested it should be “considered sacrificial”, and 20% of pastors surveyed said Christians should give as much as they are willing.

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