A Life of Grace Released by LICC, Bible Society, and HOPE Together

A moving tribute to Elizabeth II, with particular focus on how her faith shaped her reign.

What made the Queen so admired, respected, and loved by so many across the globe?

This beautiful book explores Elizabeth’s own answer to that question, highlighting how her dynamic Christian faith shaped her vision for her role, and empowered her to be the inspiring servant and example she was, and remains.

Across 10 chapters, A Life of Grace unpacks the ways in which she lived out that faith in every sphere of her life. From the young woman fresh to the throne, to the monarch calling her people to their best, to the grandmother with the common touch. In her job and her home, as a leader and a person, she joined in God’s work – setting an example for millions to follow.

Full of gorgeous pictures and poignant reflections, it was produced by LICCHOPE Together, and Bible Society, and written by Mark Greene, designed by Claire Simmons-Clark, and edited by Catherine Butcher. It follows on from the million-selling The Servant Queen and the King she Serves, written by Mark Greene and Catherine Butcher, published to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Designed to be shared in churches, community groups, and workplaces across the UK, A Life of Grace is perfect to share with friends, family, and colleagues who are curious about the Queen’s faith, and to point them to the King this servant queen followed.

Written by: Josh Hinton 

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