Alive City Releases New Single ‘Coming Alive -Live’

Coming Alive (Live)

Coming Alive represented a major turning point for us as a band. We were fresh out of high school and had just spent the summer touring. We were young and dumb when we came up with the idea of the song at the end of the tour, but not dumb enough to forget about how badly the last tour had gone. We got embarrassed off every stage we played all summer, by professional bands from Nashville who only needed to play a single note to remind us that we were boys trying to play in a man’s game. We knew we needed help. A friend (Jared of Local Sound) told us about some producers he knew in Nashville, named Justin Amundrud and Garret Tyler (of For King and Country). We drove from Detroit to Nashville to work with them on the track, and it became a trip that changed our lives forever. What we learned about music, writing, producing, mixing, and arranging songs on that trip, as we worked on “Coming Alive,” shaped how I think
about music today.

The song went on to generate almost 1 million streams on Spotify independent of any label support, and we made this live version to celebrate that victory. For the live version, we wanted to emphasize real instruments, and tap into the energy that only happens at a live show. Following the inspiration of Bruno Mars, Bruce Springsteen, and For King and Country (to name a few) we put together a uniquely live-band pop-rock version of a song that was once very digital-sounding. This was recorded in one-take in Detroit, and we hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoy playing it!

Written by: Denga Takalani

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