Age is No Barrier to Success

One black woman, elected twice as Mayor of the London Borough of Enfield, demonstrates why determination and drive are vital to living life with purpose and

Having lived for more than seventy years, it is about time I share my experience, expertise and wisdom with a new generation of women.

Dr Kate Anolue – affectionately known to her local community as ‘Aunty Kate’ – is a woman of action, duty and purpose. She has been a councillor for the London
Borough of Enfield for over 20 years, reflecting her desire to serve others with boundless energy despite her advancing years.

In 2007, she was overwhelmed to receive the Freedom of the Borough of Enfield. She is currently the CEO of Tender Care Health Initiative, and the Founder and
President of Forum for Africans, African Caribbean and Asian Women in Politics. Dr Kate Anolue was born in Nigeria, the eldest of seven children, and had to give up her dream of becoming a teacher due to the devastating Civil War and then become a second mum to her siblings. As a precocious youngster, she embraced
responsibilities that have always been part of her DNA.

Due to her culture, she moved to the UK for an arranged marriage. During this time, she studied and became a midwife. Whilst working full-time and after having four children, tragedy struck when she suddenly became a widow when her youngest child was just 18 months old. A short time after her husband’s untimely death, she found herself being the main breadwinner and returned to work full-time.

As the pillar of the community, Dr Kate could no longer sit on her experience, expertise and wisdom, and so decided, as part of her legacy, to write Time for Purpose for today’s young women, using her life lessons to bridge the generations.

Adding to her formidable achievements, Kate studied law and became the Royal College of Midwife’s (RCM) Steward at the hospital, where she was always tenaciously defending and supporting any midwives that were involved in cases of medical negligence. She has given 40 years of service to the NHS as a midwife, delivering over a thousand babies.

As a proud Nigerian, Dr Kate is proud to have the foreword written by H.E. Dr. O. Favour Ayodele, Nigerian Presidential Aspirant for 2023.

Written by: Zara Thatcher

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