Over 200 Uyghur Women Supported Through Vital Education in Turkey

Female Uyghurs have been given a second chance to start their lives in a safe and accepting environment, with thanks to charitable support. 

Thousands of Uyghur women have been forced to flee and seek refuge in Turkey following persecution in the Xinjiang Provence of China.

The Uyghurs are a Muslim minority in Central and East China with a rich culture along with speaking their own language.

This persecution has seen many subject to physical abuse, along with forced enrolment into re-education camps in an attempt to alter their religious beliefs.

Following their relocation to Turkey, many charities have been looking for ways to sustainably support the Uyghur women as they transition into their new lives, considering education, health and wellbeing support.

Experts at the food charity, Charity Right, say it’s important that these women become self-sufficient, which will only be possible with the right support and access to education.

Sajad Mahmood, CEO of the charity, explains “Education is as important as food aid in this specific situation. As the Uyghur women look to find a new home in Turkey, it’s vital that they receive the right education to help navigate their new surroundings.”

Around 213 women were enrolled in a six month training course to help integrate into Turkish society. The women have been taught core language skills in both Turkish and English, where an impressive 90% successfully graduated.

Whilst these women have had to flee from their homeland, the charity believes these core skills will open up job opportunities or further education routes for a positive future in Turkey.

Mahmood adds,

Knowledge of the Turkish language will allow them to navigate the local communities and form close relationships, whilst the addition of English can open up wider job opportunities for these women.

With more funding, the charity looks to support more Uyghur women to rebuild their lives and support their children.

Written by: Emma Robinson​​

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