Celebrate Africa And Kingdmusic Release Soaring Collaborative Dance-Afrobeat Praise Song “Hallelujah”

Celebrate Africa, an afro-dance music expression of home grown writers, composers and producers from Harare, Zimbabwe, has teamed up with Denga “Kingdmusic” Takalani, multi-award-winning artist, songwriter, worship leader and record producer, to release a new song to capture a new anthem of hope for this generation.

​​The song titled “Hallelujah”, is driven by a melodic fusion of Afro-beats and victorious dance music, written in two languages (Shona and English). In amongst all of the news and expressions of defeat and depression, this is a song of victory.

Tommy and Daniel Deuschle, who started the Celebrate Africa collective, say of the song: “We believe this is a call back to courage. A reminder to keep hope in their hearts and victory in their hand. We know the details of defeat and depression. This song focuses on the picture of victory that we all have. It’s closer than we think and sometimes we hear the sound of victory, before we see it.”

Denga Takalani adds:

This song is a declaration that we will not give up, no matter what the circumstances are. We will continue to praise God because He is good and His love endures forever.

Celebrate Africa’s unique sound combines trans-african choirs, unforgettable melodies and hope-hitting beats. Drawing inspiration from the hustle, hardships and beauty of Africa, the writing and artistry carries the tension of both the “struggle” and “freedom” of life in Africa, and points to the One who gives true liberty.

“Hallelujah” is just one of the songs that Celebrate Africa has released as part of a collaborative EP project. Other popular songs include “Makanaka” and “Home”.

Written by: Denga Takalani

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