Wear Your Red Lipstick With Pride And Raise Funds To Support Global Charity

The new WYRL Beauty brand is encouraging shoppers to drive positive change with a collection of vibrant vegan red lipsticks.

With every purchase of a WYRL Beauty lipstick, 10% of the company’s profits will go straight to World Vision’s Strong Women Strong World fund.

Strong Women Strong World aims to help six million vulnerable girls and women by 2024. These are women and girls in extreme poverty who face unique obstacles at every stage of their lives, which hold them back from living positive and prosperous lives.  World Vision intentionally focuses on women and girls in every aspect of its work because when women and girls are empowered, everyone wins.  We work with entire communities; women, girls, men, and boys, to transform discriminatory practices together.

WYRL Beauty was founded by entrepreneur Alex Klein, a former real estate executive. The inaugural collection of red lipsticks is designed to empower people to feel confident in colour while creating good in the world.

The brand and lipstick collection was borne out of Alex’s 40 life lessons, with her 40th lesson being to “wear the red lipstick”. After experiencing some health issues and re-evaluating her lifestyle, the mother-of-two set out to create a line of vibrant red lipsticks suitable for all skin tones and lip types, made from vegan ingredients and designed with a social purpose.

 Developed in London and manufactured in Italy, the Hero Collection comprises three shades of red; Boost, Ignite, and Sparkle. To make those who wear red lipstick look and feel their best, each shade is compatible with different skin types and complementary with colour blending.

 “The last of my 40 life lessons was to ‘wear your red lipstick’. For me, there was never a shade of red or a formulation clean enough that I felt confident enough to wear.

 “So I decided to create my own line formulated without any nasties. More importantly, I wanted to develop something that captured all that red lips symbolise and empower more people to have confidence in colour, while driving positive change through a charitable partnership. Wearing red lipstick might feel like a small step, but it can deliver an insurmountable change to your confidence and to those women and girls who are supported by World Vision.”

Saramine Mukute, Senior Philanthropy Manager at World Vision UK leads World Vision’s Strong Women Strong World initiative. Saramine says: “We are thrilled that WYRL Beauty has chosen to partner with World Vision UK through Strong Women Strong World.

“Alex is an example of a strong woman who is passionate about making a difference in the lives of women and girls around the world. 

 “Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, violence against women and girls, and particularly domestic violence, has intensified. School closures and economic downfall have led to a surge in child marriage and child labour. An estimated 5.2 million girls are at risk of never returning to school.

 “Our partnership with WYRL Beauty will accelerate our reach and impact. It’s remarkable to know that every purchase of a WYRL Beauty lipstick will help provide women and girls with access to healthcare, water, education, protection, and economic empowerment, so that she, her family, and her community can thrive.”

Positive change, empowerment, and confidence in colour are at the core of WYRL Beauty. As well as helping women and girls across the world live a better life, WYRL Beauty is also considerate to the planet, with its packaging being 100 percent recyclable. Lipsticks are priced from £28 and are available to buy direct online from wyrl.beauty. Join the WYRL Beauty movement and share your confidence in colour on Instagram @WYRLBeauty.

Find out more about Strong Women Strong World on line here.

Written by: Jo Duckles

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