Finding Hope in Christ

Online Zoom and YouTube Evangelistic Series. 

Every Evening 
7:30 – 9:00 PM GMT
November 20 – December 3, 2022. 

With conflicts and tensions in various parts of the world, soaring inflation. Increasing food, energy, and mortgage costs. Increasing crime. Political uncertainty. Industrial disputes, widespread civil demonstrations. Climatic and other natural disasters. Vast wealth for the few. Stress, frustrations, and struggles for the many. The breakup of the family, and the almost complete overturning and tearing down of  biblical norms, reconstructed to the mind, interpretation and dictates of fallible mortal man. 

Finding Hope in Christ 2022

How did we get here? 

Was it as a result of a random convergence of events? Or has there been a malevolent hand  stirring and muddying up the waters throughout the mist of time.  Corrupting, confusing, and changing  things, orchestrating and influencing circumstances for his final attempt to deceive, and gather the world to his discredited and already defeated cause. 

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