Father Requests Healing Prayer For His Son Via Social Media

Robert Bragg harnessed the power of social media and galvanised the Christian community to say prayers for his son, Robert Bragg Jr, when he fell very sick in hospital with an undiagnosed illness in October.

Robert, known for his past role as a pastor, turned to social media because doctors had initially been unable to diagnose what was wrong with his son.

Robert recalled:

When I realised doctors had difficulty diagnosing what was wrong with my son, I knew I’d have to pray. However, I felt spiritually weak, and knew I needed the prayers of others to deal with the situation, so I asked a friend to ask their social media followers to pray that the doctor’s would make the right diagnosis.

He continued:

The next day they discovered Robert Jr had an issue with his liver and he’d need a transplant, so I put in another request for asked social media followers to pray that a liver would be found quickly.  The next day one became available, and Robert had a transplant.  Following his transplant surgery, we asked people on social media to pray for his speedy recovery.

Robert Jr, who works as a Youth Works coordinator, is now journeying on the road to full health.

Robert Sr is pleased. 

I have always believed in the power of prayer, but I saw God move in a powerful way during my son’s sickness. Even some of my son’s non-Christian friends let me know they were praying for him.

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