MNRK… Spreading Contemporary Gospel Around the World! 

(Dateline: Nashville USA) 

MNRK Music Group is rapidly evolving into a premier international gospel label, with a strong presence in the United Kingdom, Africa, Brazil, South Korea, India and China.  Its unique and eclectic mix of traditional and contemporary gospel music is tantalising listeners and radio presenters in an expanding list of territories.

London’s own Brian Martin & Worship 4 Life is gaining traction in the USA and multiple territories around the globe. Dave Paul, of UGN Jamz, says: “MNRK brings an opportunity like no other to shine a light on the world through these amazing independent artists, as well as through their big-name legacy acts, like Todd Dulaney, Jon McReynolds and so many more.”

Through its weekly tipsheet, radio presenters around the globe discover new and viable content for the pleasure of their listening audiences. According to Lady T:

MNRK has an amazing and rich catalogue of independent artists from across the globe. The tipsheet is an absolute godsend, as I get to discover up-and-coming releases and get to know each independent artist. No other outlet is doing this. As a radio presenter, it’s great to see a diverse sound of artists impacting the world with gospel music. For me, it’s a chance to appreciate the diversity in sounds and styles from around the world, but with one message — and that’s about God, His love, peace in Him, purpose, strength, redemption and mercy. MNRK needs to continue to champion more diversity from across the globe, as there is so much richness in talent out there.

The promising 2023 MNRK horizon includes more music from Jonathan McReynolds (whose current single, ‘Your World’, is in the top five in the National Gospel Airplay Chart in the States), as well as an album from Todd Dulaney which he recorded in September. Looking a bit further out, gospel act, Shana Wilson-Williams, has new music queued up for release soon. 2023 looks to be an exciting new year, as there are some yet-to-be announced signings to the label as well.

With the big names aside, at the heart of MNRK are its independent acts. Clearly the independents of today are potentially the stars of tomorrow. Perhaps the most unique aspect of MNRK is that it owns its own global distribution system, IndieBlu Music. In addition to their proprietary content, independent suppliers, such as NDAMIX Entertainment and Global Music Link, are suppliers through the IndieBlu Distribution platform. According to Felicia Day of NDAMIX Entertainment, an aggregator of premium indie content to MNRK: “I believe that music has the ability to transcend human souls and celestial beings. It is this expression of art that NDAMIX Entertainment inspires to elevate the talent of the independent artist.”

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