New Film To Help Young People Reject Being Fake

The Pentecostal Credit Union (PCU) recently launched GiftBOX, its newest financial product service aimed at encouraging Millennials and Gen Z to save and generate wealth.

Launch attendees included leading young influencers, creatives and entrepreneurs who heard talks from Jerome Whyte, founder of Belvedere Wealth Management; author and businesswoman, Jemma Regis; and Shane Bowes, CEO of the PCU. 

Bowes stated:

The PCU has been in existence for 42 years and has provided financial services for the Windrush Generation and their children. We now want to reach Millennials and Gen Z and GiftBOX is a product that will make them aware of the benefits of being part of the PCU, as well as increase their awareness of financial matters.

Aside from providing a range of financial benefits, GiftBOX will provide a range of activities, such as networking events and masterclasses on subjects like finances, entrepreneurship and wealth creation.

Shane Bowes continued:

PCU recognises that a sense of community and relationships are very important for Millennials and Gen Z. GiftBOX aims to foster both by providing a range of in-person and online events so that members can learn, build relationships and generate wealth.


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