Start Your Year With ‘All Out Worship’

2023 will see the launch of a new worship event called All Out Worship (AOW), featuring Maranda Curtis, Pastor William McDowell and others. Akosua DF talks to its founder, Juanita Francis.

New Year’s Eve crossover services remain one of the Church’s biggest evangelistic opportunities in the 21st century, and the importance of ending the year in God’s presence cannot be overemphasised. In like fashion, starting off the year with God is one of our Christian rituals, with many churches embarking on intense periods of fasting and prayer. People will also start the new year learning about worship at ‘All Out Worship’, a new event hosted by Juanita Francis. 

Akosua DF (ADF): What is All Out Worship (AOW)?
Juanita Francis (JF): It’s a clinic for creatives. It’s a safe place for creatives to get refuelled, replenished and rejuvenated. It’s a place to be empowered and receive the “marching orders” to move ahead for the year. I must add that the event is open to anyone who has a heart for worship and who just loves being in God’s presence.

ADF: That sounds interesting. Can you shed light on some of the sessions/workshops that will take place during All Out Worship?
JF: We’ll have sessions that deal with mental health. I did some research and was alarmed to read that creatives are among the most suicidal and depressed work demographic in the world. Another session will be a panel with pastors and worship leaders – now that should be fun. We want to explore how to work together better. We also have a session for musicians; one of the top UK music programmers will be teaching a class on how programming can be used to support Sunday services.

ADF: I do believe that the pastor-worship leader dialogue is very overdue, so I’m glad to hear that you’re including it as an AOW session. Are you able to give us the scoop on the guest line-up for the event?
JF: My mentor, Maranda Curtis, will be there; Pastor William McDowell is coming; and UK Gospel’s Niiella will also be ministering at the event. I’ll leave it at that for now!

ADF: This is a fantastic way to start the year. You’ve got me all excited now! Can you share your heart for the AOW event?
JF: Worship teams and creatives were heavily relied on during the pandemic because most of our church services had to be online. We came out of the pandemic, and creatives had to continue serving despite all they had personally endured during that time. The Lord gave me a vision of a hospital ward that had creatives in the beds coding. I saw a vision of worship leaders on drips, and in the drips were the words ‘All Out Worship’ and different speakers’ names. God told me to create a safe space for creatives to be made whole. The Holy Spirit took me to Ezekiel 37 – the popular passage about the valley of dry bones. Bones speak of promises. God asked me whether the creatives could live again and my response was “ABSOLUTELY!” My heart for AOW 2023 is for creatives to live again.

The All Out Worship event takes place from 28-29 January 2023 at Ruach City Church, Kilburn High Street.  Elder Juanita Francis is the host.  Visit for more information.

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