MAF Pleas For Imprisoned Pilot To Be Released In Mozambique

On 2 December 2022, Mission Aviation Fellowship [MAF] urged officials in Mozambique to expedite the release of pilot Ryan Koher, a U.S. citizen who has been wrongfully detained in the country since 4 November. MAF also called on U.S. government leaders to do everything in their power to bring Koher home and invited Christians around the world to pray for Koher’s safety and swift release. 

David Holsten, President and CEO of MAF in the U.S said:

Ryan Koher did nothing wrong. His wife and children deserve to have him back home in time for Christmas, and the organisation serving the orphans in northern Mozambique needs the supplies he was trying to deliver when he was wrongly detained. I urge Christians around the world to pray for Ryan’s safety and swift release and call on those in power both in Mozambique and here in the U.S. to do everything they can to resolve this wrongful detainment.

Koher [31] is a pilot for Ambassador Aviation Ltd. (AAL), which is a partner of MAF in Mozambique.  He was detained in Mozambique on 4 November, along with two South African nationals – W.J. du Plessis [77] and Eric Dry [69] – on the apparent suspicion of the men supporting insurgents in the country. The two South Africans had brought in the supplies for the orphanages. 

Koher was detained prior to piloting a charter flight to deliver supplies for various orphanages near Montepuez in northern Mozambique. While conducting the normal security scan at the airport, police took an interest in some vitamins, over-the-counter medications, and food preservative supplies Koher was to deliver for the orphanages and adult staff. None of the confiscated material belonged to Koher, nor had it been loaded onto the aircraft. AAL has been conducting annual charter flights to provide the orphanages with supplies since 2014. 

Written by: Jo Lamb 

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