Bible Month 2023 – 30 Days with the Book of Revelation – Now

LWPT, in collaboration with The Methodist Church, has launched the latest edition of Bible Month focusing on the Book of Revelation. The seventh in our series of four-week study guides, it aims to encourage individuals and groups to engage with a specific book of the Bible and develop biblical literacy within church communities.

It is produced as an A4 booklet. Copies can be ordered via the Preach website at

Single copies are £4.50 including P&P, bundles of ten are £37.50 including P&P and copies are now in stock and ready for delivery.

The Bible Month study guide is the key resource for churches to run their own Bible month across any four-week period. It provides ideas for churches or smaller groups to engage with Revelation throughout the year. Study is set out in four sessions to run weekly, with guidance and study notes for groups of all ages.

Contributors to this edition of Bible Month are Dr Helen Miller, who has written the introduction and main bible notes, Abi Jarvis, Gail Adcock, Michael Wadsworth and Gary Hall

The study guide provides Bible notes with preaching points, small group guidelines and all-age activities on these key themes:

Week 1 – The Church Then and Now (Revelation 1-3)
Week 2 – The Triumph of the Lamb (Revelation 4-5)
Week 3 – Witness, Worship and Waiting (Revelation 10-13)
Week 4 – Heading Home (Revelation 17-22)

Each week provides material for preachers, church leaders and worship leaders with specific Bible references and examples of prayers and activities and key preaching points. Abi Jarvis provides Small Group Resources to enhance study with further engagement. Gail Adcock’s All Age Activities provide a summary of the key learnings, ideas for further thinking, practical activites, keywords for prayer and suggestions for individual development.

Written by: Ken Gibson

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