Pristine Ambience

Pristine Ambience is an online school for our flagship programmes under the umbrella of Pristine Dimensions, a company in the business of providing Ethical solutions mainly through coaching and related services. Pristine Ambience was created out of the Founder Ruach Parker-Dior’s book ‘Ambience’. Her experience and understudy of the lives of persons in leadership and proven conclusions were drawn from her over 30 years of intrigue on this subject which bore the
mother company Pristine Dimensions.

Pristine Ambience caters to world-class leaders and proteges to fine-tooth comb through their working principles authenticate and validate them using our flagship programmes. Our programmes are three-dimensional based on structured standards which form the elements Pristine Ambience operates on.

To provide our honourable participants with protective programmes that would keep you at the top as you press in and on with your assignments in the office and life.

This is our reality checker. Have you ever gotten into a fix with yourself, where you were so adamant you were right only to be surprised you’ve been wrong all the while? Facts can be true yet the conclusions drawn might be wrong subject to what is being considered to draw those conclusions. Pristine Ambience sets out to support world-class leaders on the road to becoming Kingdom class leaders, using the safety net and support of our programmes to scale up what you represent.

Embedded in this vision is your ability to ‘GLOW’ – The Pristine Dimension. “Let there be LIGHT” The first instruction holds the answer to our need for the right information which then provides understanding and comprehension. So that applied knowledge can be effective for the user and all in your sphere of influence.
Pristine Ambience aims to support world-class leaders and proteges on this journey of becoming Kingdom-class leaders and to Kingdom-class leaders that safe place to get by yourself refresh, replenish and stay on course creating iconic legacies.

Pristine Ambience has the singular honour to invite you(leaders) and your proteges to discover the secret to creating serene atmospheres. Radiate LOVE, LIFE, and LIGHT. We appreciate you taking the time to get to know a little about us and look forward to seeing you become a part of this wonderful family of Pristine Ambience.

Visit the site to stay in the loop for all things Pristine Ambience, the release date of the book ‘Ambience Inferno’, the second book in our Ambience collection. Get to know when our specialised programmes in the form of webinars, podcasts will be aired, and much more.

To a life of INFINITE BLISS.

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