New Podcast To Explore The Mother/daughter Relationship, Young Women’s Lives And Faith


Multi-Award Winning Comedian Angie Le Mar & Designer Tru Prosper On Pregnancy, Love & Boundaries

Multi-Award Winning Comedian Angie Le Mar & Designer Tru Prosper On Pregnancy, Love & Boundaries.

Multi-Award Winning Comedienne, Producer and Director Angie Le Mar, joins her daughter Tru Prosper, a Singer and Graphic Designer for the launch of their brand new podcast Mother Daughter On Life today (February 6, 2023).

Hilarious at times but also very thought-provoking and honest, the Mother Daughter On Life podcast holds no punches as Angie and Tru dive into hot topics such as relationships, love, faith, influencers, social media and mental health.

Angie Le Mar says, “Conversations with Tru allows me to understand why young women are finding it tough to navigate the modern world. Some of them are even finding their way with little guidance or support. I hope this podcast serves as a bridge between the younger and older generation and a guide to help parents foster better relationships with their children.”

Co-host Tru Prosper adds “I’m incredibly grateful for the relationship I have with my mother, as it allows us to talk honestly and freely. She is my best friend, and I think it’s imperative for parents to befriend their children to develop a deep and unbreakable bond.”

Here’s what some people have said after hearing snippets of the Mother Daughter on Life podcast.

Captivating and engaging!

This is so needed for young girls to see!

What a lovely relationship, what a lovely listen and what a lovely watch!

Future episodes of the Mother Daughter on Life podcast will feature mother and daughter guests to celebrate International Women’s Month and Mother’s Day.

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