Evelyn Branford releases new single, ‘Ameni (Amen)’ ft Naomi Wesi

Evelyn Branford is an anointed worshipper and Gospel songwriter focused on producing worship and praise songs that reflects a life/posture of daily submission to the Holy Spirit. Born to a British father and a Ghanaian-British mother, she was raised in the Christian faith. Evelyn’ greatest fulfillment as a worshipper derives from being used as a vessel through which the presence of God permeates the worship atmosphere. Currently residing in New York, USA, Evelyn has ministered on various platforms and churches alongside other accomplished gospel musicians. At the appointed time (fall 2016) and aligned with the season of opportunity, Evelyn released her maiden album, ´Soon Coming King’. The album has a broad crossover music appeal and features an array of authentic, spirit-filled songs that are inspiring and uplifting.

Her new single “Ameni (Amen)” will be released 3 February 2023. This is a collaboration featuring Naomi Wesi, a recording gospel artist and a radio presenter from South Africa. Ameni is a mid-tempo Afrocentric praise song that praises the Lord and shares the message of the gospel of Christ. It is spirit-filled, uplifting, lively, joyful and quickens one’s spirit. “My earnest prayer is that as people listen to Amen, burdens will be lifted, yokes will be broken, spirits will be quickened, lives will be touched and the visitation of the Lord will be abundant.” – Evelyn

You can listen to the song here: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/evelynbranford/ameni-amenfeat-naomi-wesi
Music Video:

Evelyn Branford ft. Naomi Wesi – AMENI (Amen) Official Music Video

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