God is Everywhere

By Patricia J. Murphy
Publishing: 17th March 2023
ISBN: 9781781284155

Every page of this heart-warming picture book picture book, God is Everywhere, pours out a reminder of God’s love to children, introducing young children to the reassuring messages found in Bible verses.

God Is Everywhere reveals how God is there for us through our big emotions (anxiety, for example) and is insightful and respectful of the spiritual complexity of children, pointing out that even when God doesn’t feel near, He still is.

Patricia J. Murphy boldly, and unashamedly depicts difficult and painful emotions in children in a way that encourages parents, carers, and young readers that mental health and overwhelming feelings are something that God is big enough for. God is Everywhere also reveals the importance of diversity in Christian children’s literature, integrating a range of different children’s lived experiences, including those using disability aids, into the book.

“My belief is that it is never too early to teach children about God and his love”, says Patricia. “My hope is that this book will touch children and families’ hearts and help begin their relationship with God. God is Everywhere reflects a few of the Bible teachings I learned from my own mother as a child, as well as the example of my mother’s life. She believed everyone has a little divinity in them – I do, too”.

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